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We are a family owned working cattle ranch, situated in the semi-remote South Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada.

We are responsible for the management and stewardship of over 250,000 acres of leased and deeded lands.

We produce premium AND certified organic beef for the food industry.

Most importantly, we care about providing safe, delicious and nutritious beef offerings.

Our livestock are humanely treated, raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, and because healthy land produces healthy animals, Blue Goose cattle are kept robust and healthy naturally - without the need for medications. Any animal that has to be treated with antibiotics is removed from the program.

Our ranch implements innovative land stewardship plans that will help protect healthy ecosystems for years to come - preserving healthy forests and grasslands, diverse plant communities, clean water and wildlife habitat.

Rangeland scientists monitor our stewardship plans to ensure Blue Goose's rigorous standards are met. They assess ecological conditions, document trends and measure progress towards conservation goals.

It is a pioneering adventure we're engaged in. We want to save the West's wilderness spaces by developing new markets for economically viable and ecological sustainable ranching.

We want you as a partner in our work, and you don't have to risk a thing doing it. If you're not absolutely satisfied with Blue Goose Beef, you get your money back. Guaranteed.

Blue Goose Beef couldn't be easier to buy. You can order it by mail, fax, or phone. Click here to get more info. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you select just the right cuts and pinpoint the most convenient delivery method.

So, buy Blue Goose Beef ... enjoy a special dining experience ... and help us make sure the best of the Canadian West is still around for generations to come.


Simply put, we do what we can to make good decisions regarding our livestock, because we believe that those choices can and do define your dining experiences.

We Can, So We Do

When it comes to feeding our livestock, we can provide quality, so we do.

When it comes to caring for our livestock, we can provide quality, so we do.

When it comes to record keeping, we can provide quality, so we do.

This unhurried dedication to the values of animal welfare and organic production allows us to maintain premium product integrity right through to you, the consumer.

At The Blue Goose Cattle Company, we are very proud of our exclusive line of Blue Goose Beef. Our products are dry-hung and hand cut for exceptional flavour and quality.

Quality care » Quality animals » Quality product » Quality experience. Good decisions ... wouldn't you agree?